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Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic Medicine is a branch of medical sciences employed by Osteopathic Physicians. Osteopathic Medicine is based on:
- A comprehensive manual diagnosis.
- A manual treatment by manual techniques.
- A manual prevention of dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system, the inner organs and the nervous system.

Osteopathic Medicine completes and extends the regular medical care system in context of integral patient care based on evidence-based and patient-centered medicine.

The indications are multiple, among the most common ones:
- Back and joint pains.
- Digestive difficulties (eg. chronic constipation, bloating).
- Post traumatic problems such as sports injuries and falls.
- Degenerative tissue diseases (eg. arthrosis).
- During pregnancy (eg. lower back pains) and early childhood (eg. Plagiocephaly, forceps related complications).
- Dizziness, headaches, migraine, humming of ears as well as other medical conditions.
- Stress, anxiety, sleeping difficulties is also a field where Osteopathic Medicine proved its effectiveness.

Besides, it is necessary to know that Osteopathic Medicine can be a preventive measure that brings answers to sportsmen,children and aging people in search of a balanced life.

On the other hand, Osteopathic Medicine cannot treat diseases such as:
- Serious illnesses (eg. cancers).
- Definitive osseous deformities.
- Congenital deformations (eg. trisomy 21).
- Inflammatory and infectious diseases.

The results of Osteopathic Medicine must be quickly noticed (in 3 sessions).

An assessment by his Osteopathic Physician guarantees the patient a medical and an osteopathic point of view at the same time and provides a complete therapeutic follow-up.
Furthermore, an early and preventive treatment allows the patient to restore a balanced health in everyday’s life.


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