Al-joumhouria Newspaper

Al-joumhouria Newspaper, February 2017

Back Pain in Pregnant Women: Not a Normal Thing!

Al-joumhouria Newspaper, October 2015

Not every Headache is a “Migraine”

Al-joumhouria Newspaper, September 2015

Cryotherapy and Fat Loss

Al-joumhouria Newspaper, August 2015

Osteopathic Medicine : The Medicine of the Future!

Astuces Parents Magazine

Astuces Parents Magazine, Juin-juillet 2013

Médecine Ostéopathique et Nutrition

Astuces Parents Magazine, Avril-Mai 2013

Mal de Dos et Activité Sexuelle

Astuces Parents Magazine, Février-Mars 2013

Peut-on tout régler avec son Ostéopathe?

Astuces Parents Magazine, Décembre-Janvier 2012

Bruxisme et Médecine Ostéopathique

Astuces Parents Magazine, Avril-Mai 2011

Haltes aux Règles Douloureuses!

Astuces Parents Magazine, Février-Mars 2011

Les Traumatismes Chez L’enfant et le Traitement Ostéopathique

Astuces Parents Magazine, Juin-Juillet 2010

Médecine Ostéopathique et Manipulations Crâniennes & Cranio-Sacrées

Astuces Parents Magazine, Octobre-Novembre 2010

Douleur Pelvienne Chez la Femme Enceinte 

Moms & to Be Magazine

Moms & to Be December 2010

Pregnant Women and Swimming Exercise in Osteopathic Medicine

Moms & To Be November 2010

Post-Partum Depression (PPD)

Moms & to Be October 2010

Osteopathic Medicine Tips for Pregnant Women 

Moms & To Be September 2010

Osteopathic Medicine and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Moms & To Be August 2010

Mid – Ear Infection, Otitis Media

Moms & to Be July 2010

The Osteopathic Medicine Treatment for Women With Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP)

Moms & To Be June 2010


Moms & To Be May 2010

TINNITUS! Buzzing In the EAR

Moms & to Be April 2010

Cervical Headaches and Migraines!

Moms & To Be March 2010

Understanding and Treating FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME (FMS) In Pregnant Women and Newly Moms!

Moms & To Be January 2010

Osteopathic Medicine Approach To The Child With Scoliosis

Fitness News Magazine

Fitness News Magazine, December 2010

An Osteopathic Medicine Approach to Overuse Sports Injuries (O.S.I)

Fitness News Magazine, November 2010

Osteopathic Medicine and Boxing / Kick-Boxing / Full Contact Injuries

Fitness News Magazine, October 2010

Osteopathic Treatment of Tennis Elbow

Fitness News Magazine, September 2010

Osteopathic Medicine in the Treatment of the Golfer’s Elbow

Fitness News Magazine, August 2010

Osteopathic Medicine and Musculo-Skeletal Problems of the Shoulder

Fitness News Magazine, july 2010

Osteopathic Medicine and Knee Pain

Fitness News Magazine, May 2010

Tennis Elbow Treatment by O.M.T : Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques!

Fitness News Magazine, April 2010

Osteopathic Medicine for Sports and Physical Injuries 

Moms & To Be Magazine

Moms & To Be Magazine, December 2009

How Osteopathic Medicine Treats Neck Pain!

Moms & To Be Magazine, September 2009

Cranial Osteopathic Medicine for Learning Difficulties and Special Needs

Moms & To Be Magazine, August 2009

Osteopathic Medicine for Older People

Moms & To Be Magazine, June 2009

Osteopathic Medicine and Posture for Moms & to Be

Moms & To Be Magazine, May 2009

Osteopathic Medicine and Early Childhood

Moms & To Be Magazine, March 2009

About Osteopathic Medicine

Pharma Santé Magazine

Pharma Santé Magazine, Octobre 2008

Médecine Ostéopathique et Posture

Pharma Santé Magazine Juillet 2008

Médecine Ostéopathique et Sport

Pharma Santé Magazine Juin 2008

Médecine Ostéopathique et Traitement Chez le Bébé

Pharma Santé Magazine Mai 2008

Médecine Ostéopathique et Physiothérapie

Pharma Santé Magazine, Avril 2008

La Médecine Ostéopathique

Masculin Magazine

Masculin Magazine
Avril 2008

Médecine Ostéopathique et Sport 

Masculin Magazine Février 2008

Mal de dos et Activité Sexuelle

Masculin Magazine Décembre - Janvier 2008

Médecine Ostéopathique 

Nadine Magazine

Nadine (Al Oum Wal Tofol) Magazine, 2008

Your Baby’s Wellbeing with Osteopathic Medicine!

Nadine (Al Oum Wal Tofol) Magazine, 2007

Pregnant Women, Say Goodbye to your Back Pain! 

Other Magazine

Prestige Magazine, Décembre - Janvier 2008

Qu’est ce que la Médecine Ostéopathique?

Rijal Magazine, August - September 2008

Work Ergonomy with Osteopathic Medicine

Layalina Magazine, June 2008

How to sit behind a desk?

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Elie Malek MD
International Osteopathic Training - IOT is organizing another Round-Table with the partnership of Université La Sagesse - ULS at its premises, on the 15th of February 2023 at 10am. We are inviting every #medicaldoctor, #dentist and all ULS Alumni with other #graduated #physiotherapists from other respected #lebaneseuniversity to participate in this amazing opportunity to be involved in the #learningeveryday process of becoming a true Osteopath!Get in touch with us on 81 424 500, send us your CV to check on your eligibility to participate in this highly academic #postgraduate training with European Standards. Places are limited! #osteopathyschool #osteopathytraining #osteopathy #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #postgraduatestudies #PostGraduateDiploma #PostGraduateDiploma #university ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Elie Malek MD
ربما رفعت شيئاً ثقيلاً وشعرت بالألم على الفور. أو ربما كان طبيبك يحذرك لسنوات من أن طريقة حركتك السيئة قد تؤدي إلى آلام أسفل الظهرعادةً ما يعاني الشخص من مجموعة من هذه الأعراض، والتي يمكن أن تتطور فجأة أو بمرور الوقت. في بعض الحالات، يمكن أن تشعر بآلام أسفل الظهر وكأنها تأتي وتختفي، تتفاقم بين الحين والآخر، ولكنها تزداد سوءاً بشكل عام بمرور الوقت، أيضاً أسباب المضاعفات المختلفة التي تحدث أثناء الحملالمعاناة من آلام أسفل الظهر وعدم الاستجابة للراحة والرعاية الذاتية كما تقويمالعظام و مشاكل وأوجاع الظهر عند المرأة الحامل مع مع الدكتور ايلي مالكMy latest TV #interview on الفا AlfaTV #network - program "Sharaftouna" talking about #backpain in general and specially in #pregnantwomen - its causes, #treatments and #prevention ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Elie Malek MD
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” This is what we do at International Osteopathic Training - IOT, we involve our students in the learning process of #osteopathictreatment #techniques so that they become true #Osteopaths!Your presence at our round-table is crucial because there we will showcase IOT Curriculum: its seminars, the content, the dates, the certificates, the international collaborations and the fees. Our round-table is a one hour meeting with a coffee-break for Q&A. Only the ones who participates at the round-table are eligible to attend the seminars! Get in touch with us on 81424500 and send us to CV to join our Team on Saturday the 28th of January 2023 ClublaMarina Dbayeh Dbayeh at 10am!#physiolebanon #osteopathyschool #osteopathyschool #osteopathyworks #manualtherapy #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapy #physiotherapist #seminar #workshop #roundtable ... See MoreSee Less
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